Affordable drone photogrammetry setup

anyone can share affordable drone setup. what drone to use?
with Reach M2 mounted.

What is affordable in your book?
What do you want to use it for ?

This is one I’m planning to buy in the near future !

cheap drone, but can be use for photogrammetry mainly for topographic survey

If you read their website, yes you can use for photogrammetry. They also have an RTK version for about $5200. You really don’t need RTK if you have numerous aerial control targets in the flight area.

You should talk to Michael Lambert chascoadmin here on the forum.

I think he bought the RTK version

Yes, we got the H520E RTK model and it has been a pleasure so far. Being able to fly RTK while logging for PPK has been the best of both worlds. If it is configured for NTRIP it hops right on as long as there is internet connectivity. So far we have about 40 flights in and I have only had to PPK correct 4 flights. Both instances were due to poor performance of the GLONASS constellation which I was able to remove and retag the images.

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For photogrammetry, the main factor is the camera, and how well its parameters can be included/deduced by the SFM photogrammetry suite you’re using (Pix4D, Agisoft, WebODM, etc.).

It could be possible to do decent photogrammetry with a DJI Mavic Mini 2. Its spatial resolution is quite impressive on paper. The rest is all preparation: good quality GCPs, good weather conditions, etc.

I’d really like to do a side by side comparison somewhere in the future. Of course, all this depends on what the end goal is. I would probably go for something more professional if it was for land surveying.

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I think the Yuneec has very professional products. They have different sensor capabilities. I think it’s a good entry value for land surveyors.

We got Global Mapper and it can process the imagery. I will probably need ram up to 128GB, I think the Nvidia card we got is sufficient, also the work station has Xeon 8 core chip, existing 64GB ram.

I’ll be buying the Yuneec H520E to experiment with for now. I’m excited about this ! New stuff to learn !


Once you have it let me know about the survey flight planning options and the attitude of the drone during mapping. There are a few things that I am trying to push through that backup is always welcomed.

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