Affordable carrier 3g/4g lee on US prepaid base

Hi all,

I was wondering what your opinion on 3g/4g lte carrier in the US is. What have you used,
what can you recommend?
Currently I have an iPhone 6 Plus which has a SIM card, but there is a Data-Limit and it’s part of a shared plan. It being a company phone I wouldn’t mind sending it far away in an aircraft :slight_smile: If it get’s lost, oh well, no calls anymore, time to relax.

Anyways, as I do not own a personal phone and like the freedom of not paying a monthly fee, is there a choice anyone can recommend?

Since it wouldn’t be used in permanent flight, only every now and then, it should be
a) prepaid and fair priced
b) no contract
c) no annual fee
d) pay per usage
e) no monthly fee
f) no “activation” fee which is anyways always electronically handled and nothing but a SCAM

I know that is a long laundry list, but maybe someone has an idea or direction I could focus my search at.
It could be either just a SIM card (IDEAL) or if need be a USB-Dongle, or SIM-card Router/modem

Please help me with keeping my iPhone from being abused as “Test-Pilot” :slight_smile:

@sdunster2016 Don’t know about the cheapest, as it also depends on what providers have good coverage in your area. However, basically all phone providers have “prepaid plans” where you just pay for minutes or data on a sim card upfront and when they run out, or expire (something like 6-12months) you can reload it at free will. Also, consider checking out freedom pop. :slight_smile: