Aerial photo

Hi, next week maybe I would like to do aerial photo use phantom (my office first aerial photo project).
My plan is taking photos with default phantom camera and trying use reach collecting accurate coordinate.

I have never do it before, so the pilot is my friend, and I have never involved in aerial photo processing.

My questions are

  1. What kind of data would I get in the drone besides coordinate from reach, and time.
  2. How to compile data from drone and reach?
  3. Which app is better, agisoft or pix4d. I ever build a 3d pic for training use agisoft, training without coordinate or gcp.

Thank you.

There’s only one way to work with Phantom and Reach - use Ground Control Points to improve accuracy.

You can read good answer on the same question from @surveyor.

Thank you @andrew.yushkevich for the answer.