Advice on radio for Reach kit in Europe

In order to use the cm precision in real time in the field with no internet coverage, we would like
to link Emlid Reach base and rover using a radio. Any advice on which option would be best
considering radio regulations in Europe?

If have tried 3dr Radio but for me it is not strong enough < 1 km

If have ordered rfd900 with 868 MHz i hope they will work better…

Agree with @Andreas_Ortner, RFD 868 would be a good choice.

Where did you order the RFD900 with 868 MHz? The page I find is in Australia.

Yes it’s there. Hey rfd868 find you in the online shop!

You can try onedrone, they are in Slovenia, so within the EU:

if you are in europe it´s a good idea to order in slovenia. i payed 70€ for import at customs…