Advanced stable not trouble Ver3.4rc1

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In Raspberry pi3 + NAVIO2(Hexa), and carry out the ladder operation in Loiter Mode, the aircraft altitude changes abruptly.
Do you have any countermeasures?

Stable, Ver Do you there?

@hirochi_hirohiro did you cover the barometer on Navio2 with a foam?

Stable 3.4 version will be released in a couple of months.

How did you come out with this timeframe of 2 months? Has ArduPilot (i.e. Randy) posted a timeline schedule for the 3.4 release? The Copter-3.3 release doesn’t support the the Navio2 by default so does this mean that those with Navio2 need to keep using 3.4 release candidate versions for the next 2 months or so, as guinea pigs?

thank you for your answer.

I barometer covers.
Rapidly and altitude change when the rudder operation.
Loiter is not good compared to Pixhawk, but hover in a certain range.

Who Ver3.4 had stabilized.


No, there’s no timeline posted, a couple of months (where a “couple of” is not equal “two”) is an estimation based on the observation of the previous release.

Backporting Navio2 support to 3.3 would probably be ready by the time 3.4 is released. That’s why we prefer to focus on making everything working nicely in 3.4, so that in a couple of months Navio2 users get fresh and stable version of 3.4 instead of year-old 3.3.

Send us your flight logs please.

@hirochi_hirohiro Did you make a clean install of 3.4-RC1 with fresh parameters or uploaded param file from previous install?

Thanks for clarifying that you were just making an assumption (where a “couple of” is not equal to “one”, but it’s at least “two” or “more”).

Unfortunately, there is very little Emlid can do to make 3.4 a stable version since there a lot of new feature in 3.4 that you don’t have control over (e.g. Polygon fences, SAA, enhanced quaternion controllers, the new Automatic THR_MID determination, etc.). The only thing Emlid and the Navio2 users can do is report the successful test flights, but also the failures and crashes. In other words, the Navio2 users are between a rock and a hard place for the next “couple of” months.

This is not true, thanks to the many reports and our own tests we were able to find a few problematic places in AP and GCS software and find solutions or workaround for some of them (e.g. live cal vs onboard cal, raised offsets) as well as simplify some things (e.g. usage of the second compass).

I understand that the lack of familiar 3.3 may be a troublesome for somebody, but we got caught in this situation.

I’d also like to note that a lot of problems some users experienced did not have to do anything with 3.4, but were mostly due to high vibrations on a frame (and similar reasons).

We are doing our best and do not leave our users with their issues alone. If there’s a particular issue on someone’s frame - we are here to understand it, discuss it and find a solution.

In that case, then let me ask. How much test has Emlid done with the PX4 Optical Flow, the TeraRager One sensor, and the LightWare Rangefinder sensor? All those are currently supported in AP.


We can’t test every single piece of optional hardware available.
And it’s not just testing, some of these devices are supported via PX4 middleware and not by APM. Thus they do not work in Linux APM port without additional effort of porting the drivers. TeraRanger One is an example of that and we told you about it a long time ago.
LightWare Rangefinder should work over ADC.

I tried to update it, as it was no longer start, was clean install.
Between 3 to 4 minutes, see a high degree of change when you have a dollar operation.2016-06-26 13-04-51.bin (2.6 MB)

Tell us about the weather on June 26.
On the whole you have a normal flight. Maybe you need high precision tuning and vibration damping and balancing props (for example 1 or 2).

Hello, the teraranger one is not supported by Navio as I have ported the driver to work with your board. However, the source code is still in PR mode and not yet merged.

I could provide the source code if necessary

Philippe Crochat
Anemos technologies

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I meant now supported

thank you for your answer.

On the day, the weather is sunny, almost windless.
The balance of the propeller is adjusted.
Ver3.4 is normal, Ver3.4rc1 is a phenomenon of only, hard is not to change anything.
We can also check the video but, Ver3.4 was okay in the strong wind.
It ver3.4rc1 seem to symptoms only.

Although there are still anxiety, it was resolved on their own.

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