Addition of AUSGeoid98 to Reach3

Hi there,

I understand that Geoid models cannot be uploaded to the Reach app directly. Could i please request that AUSGeoid98 be added.


Hi @Brocxen,

We could add that, and I’ll note it. But would you mind sharing why you need this geoid exactly? I thought it’s quite outdated.

Thank you. I am currently working on a mine that is still using GDA94 ausgeoid98

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I got you, thanks! I’ll pass your request to the team.

What is the ETA on this? I imagine it quite simple to incorporate into an update. We are unable to operate on a major clients project without this model. On other providers units, it is very easy to add models to the unit.

Here is the geoid model

And here is the official source

Hi @Brocxen,

Your request wasn’t lost, we have it in out list. But before adding the geoid to ReachView 3 we need to check the licensing rules and test if everything works correctly. So, it takes time.

I understand the high priority of this. Although I can’t say the exact ETA, we’ll do our best.

And thanks for the materials!

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