Adding radio to the Reach M+


I’m looking at setting up an RTK auto-steer system with a couple of M+ units. I understand you can add some quite powerful radios, such as the RFD900. How does one connect and set up a 3rd party radio on the M+? Haven’t been able to find this in emlids docs. Is it plug and play? Does the 3rd party radio need to be configured somehow or can it be done through the reach app?



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Hi @jmay.david,

Check the radio to Reach M+ connection schemes here.

On the base unit, you need to enable Serial corrections output in the Base mode tab of ReachView.
If you connect a radio module to the UART port, choose UART option and specify the baud rate.
In case you use a USB radio, click on the USB-OTG option.

As for the rover, configure the same setting as on the base in the Correction input ReachView tab.


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