Adding external WIFI antenna problems

Hello, I want to make the correction between the base an the rover, with Reach modules, by WIFI. The thing is the distance will be around 200 meters. I have a network that should cover that distance, but since the internal antenna of the Reach is probably not good enough, i would like to add an external antenna to the rover (the router would be near the base).

For doing that there is a plugin for the antenna but i have read it’s not supposed to be done because this plug was only made for testing, and by doing so there would be a clash between the two antennas. On the other hand i read that the problem could be solved if we cut the connection between the plug for external antenna and the zero ohm resistance.

So the question is, this can really be done? anyone knows which problems could i have? for example the internal antenna would work if i need to use it afterwards? and finally if someone has done it, would i have a better reception by changing the internal antenna with an external one with 8 or 12 dbi or it’s not worth it?

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