Adding custom local geoid for project area

I am working in Bangladesh. We dont have a registered geoid model for the country. But I want to use a custom local geoid to collect elevation data in my project survey area. The custom geoid is made from the results of static survey and double order benchmark level fly within the project survey area. Is there a way to include this geoid into the Reachview app? What steps I need to follow?
If that is not possible, is there a workaround that? For example, I may collect data with Reachview with respect to the ellipsoidal heights from the static survey results and later do a geoid transformation to obtain the orthometric heights through the locally made geoid in GIS.

Hi Muhtashim,

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There’s no option to upload custom geoids to ReachView 3. But you can indeed collect points with ellipsoidal heights and convert them after the survey. Also, Reach units support integration with many 3rd-party apps via Bluetooth and TCP. So, if you have a 3rd-party app that can receive a position stream from Reach and supports custom geoids, you can collect data there right away. We have a guide about integration with Android apps using the Mock location feature – I believe it can come in handy.

Thanks for the information.

Then I would need to keep some checkpoints ready to check at times if ellipsoidal heights are coming up correctly.
I will surely look into the 3rd party apps and try to find out if any of them supports custom geoids. The guide looks quite helpful.


Glad to help! ReachView 3 provides accurate ellipsoidal heights, but I understand it’d be more convenient to obtain orthometric heights above your custom geoid without additional conversion. Hope you’ll find the setup that works the best for you.