Adding a second ADS1115

I’m looking to add a second ADS1115 to Navio (Adafruit breakout board) and was wondering how to do this in software. I’m assuming I can use the same library as the one for the onboard chip. Looking at the ADS1115.h, I see where it lists the possible addresses and where it assigns it

ADS1115(uint8_t address = ADS1115_DEFAULT_ADDRESS);

When I create an instance of the ADS1115 class, is there a way to specify the address? Perhaps something like

ADS1115 adc;
ADS1115(addr2) adc2;

Also just to double check, is VDD for the onboard ADS1115 3.3V or 5V? Are that any filter capacitors for A0,1,2,3 already on the Navio?

Your code looks correct.

VDD for onboard ADS1115 is 3.3V, no filter capacitors, only current limiting resistors.

I tried the code listed in my previous post and it gives the following errors when I add it to the example code ADC code.

ADC.cpp: In function ‘int main()’:
ADC.cpp:24:19: error: expected ‘;’ before ‘adc2’
ADC.cpp:29:5: error: ‘adc2’ was not declared in this scope

Here’s the correct syntax:

ADS1115 adc2(addr2);

Whoops, shame on me :see_no_evil: