Adding a cooling fan

Has anyone tried to add a cooling fan to the Navio+RPi2 setup? Could it affect any of the sensors on the Navio+?

the baro chip (the shiny rectagular chip named IC5 on the PCB close to the UART connector on the NAVIO+) does not like wind blowing on it as it will create more noise,
as long as you add foam as indicated on the online doc then it should be ok.

The foam has been added and I acutally want to add the fan at the bottom of the RPi2. Thank you for the input.

Great idea about the foam sticking on the case!
I don’t see any problem using a fan.
But why would you think you need the fan?
would drilling holes in your case (bottom) to help cooling be enough?
Are you planning to put it on a copter? if so, it would cool nicely in the air if sufficient holes in the case.

this is just my opinion.