Add data/metadata to points collected?


I am looking to use the Reach RS+ to map disc golf courses and was wondering about adding data to points/polygons.

I understand that I can map points with the app that Emlid created and wonder if you can assign data/metadata to a point/polygon? The reason I ask is that each hole has a “tee box” and while that might be easy for a person to see after post-processing, I’d like to be able to assign the tag “tee box” to each of the points associated with that polygon.

Holes in disc golf have other aspects to them as well like trees that are in the way and other features that I’d like to be able to tag/add data to.

Thanks for helping me out!

When you shoot a point you give it a name which is exported with the CSV. In CAD programs with Survey functionality it just shows up on the screen when imported but it is also part of the record so it can be used as an attribute in GIS software.


Hi Ardilabs

You can try to use the software shown in the docs, a version of qgis for Android phone and create GIS attributes that are associated with your survey,

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You may want to try OnPOZ Collect.

On Android, the Emlid is connected via bluetooth, while on iOS it is connected via the receiver wifi.

OnPOZ collect allows to record point, line and polygon features along with features attributes. You can create data entry form for features you need to collect. You can use the datum and projection of your choice including vertical datum (geoid) for precise positioning.

So the software is entirely configurable to let you collect what you need such as Tee, sand trap, green, tree, etc

To try OnPOZ Collect, go to to create a Cloud account (15-days trial is available). The license is subscription based, making it un-expensive (you pay only for the months you use it).

OnPOZ Collect can be upload to your Android (using PlayStore) or your iOS (using App Store)

With the Cloud account you will:

  • select your projection (EPSG) and geoid

  • create features forms (Features geometry and attributes)

  • create projects (including your forms, background maps if you want to add some to the google or open street map “basemaps”)

Then on Android or iOS, with OnPOZ Collect you will connect to your Emlid to collect data. Data collected will be automatically synch with OnPOZ Cloud when cell or Wifi is available (the app works online and offline).

After data collection, using the Cloud, you can display, view, edit and also export your data.

You will find more detail at including many videos on how to use the software and how to create your forms.

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This is fantastic! I shall be trying this out when it comes time to get out there and map courses.

Hi Dakotah,

I take it that you’d like to have the possibility to add feature codes or tags to the points data in the field. I see that such an option will make processed files more convenient for further use.

We are currently at the research stage to understand how to implement such a feature and how long it takes. We’ll bear in mind your request. Thanks for it!

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I’m still not understanding what data may need to be included besides the point description (Tee Box 1) and a description if you like?

Being able to tag points would be faster than manually typing out each description. In addition, I can already see spelling errors when asking myself or others to manually enter information. Tags would eliminate those problems.

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Now that makes sense. I just talk to my phone but I have to taalk veery sloowly… or my Texas draw pulls up some pretty strange things.

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