Add a SPI component with a Navio2 board

I would like to add a SPI component (MAX31911) in serie with a navio2 board.
For this, I thought cut the link MISO and add the component between.
Do you think that will work?
Could I access my component even if the SPI is used by the Navio library ?

Thanks for your reply


Hi @Silvain,

It seems there is no straightforward way to accomplish it, as all SPI SC pins are already used by Navio2.

Ok, but since SPI is a serial bus, Can I intercalate my component at the end of the chain after the Navio2 ?

Hi @Silvain,

If you’ll be able to use any free pin as a CS, it seems possible to implement.

In that case, I do not recommend to solder your device on the board. It’s better to connect it to the header.

I’m afraid I can’t suggest anything more certain on this question, as I don’t try this kind of integration.

Hi Tatiana,
Thanks for your reply. I will try on a test board.

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