Add a LoRa RF scan/survey function


Is there any chance you could add a LoRa 900Mhz-band “RF scan / survey” function to the RS2 firmware which would listen to the 900Mhz bands and display a rudimentary spectrum-analyzer graphic to help users pick the quietest 900 Mhz frequencies?

(Something along the lines of the “Wifi Bandwidth Scan” function in Unifi™ Ubiquiti-line wifi access points… they can shut off their internal Wifi broadcasting for a couple of minutes & use the radio hardware in promiscuous mode to quietly listen to all bands & present a summary graphic showing which 2.4G and 5.2G bands are least-used…)


Hi @manscuto842,

Do you mean that you’d like to choose a less busy frequency using this feature?

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Yes, I’d like to be able to have the RS2 execute an RF scan (also known as an RF survey) of the LoRa bands to see which LoRa frequency(ies) are the least-used and/or lowest-noise.

In my case, actual LoRa-protocol cross-traffic will be almost non-existent (I am in a rural area,) but there may be other RF noise or traffic in the 900 Mhz band from two-way radios, long-range intercom systems, industrial control systems, etc.


Hi @manscuto842,

Thanks for the clarification! We’ll note your request.


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