Actioncam instead of Raspicam. Yes its possible

Hello guys.

For all of you who want to stream fpv using an actioncam instead of the raspicam, Yes it is possible and I will show you that it is.

If you Google Auvidea B101 HDMI to CSI2 bridge. You can use any action cam with an HDMI and use that. So no more fragile raspicam with gello.

Here is a video and screen shot. The video was from the first flight after building my new quad. It was very windy with strong gusts so a bit shaky but you will notice almost no gello. The action cam is mounted with a strap and gel and you will so almost no gello.

Will be fitting my gimbal after some tuning.

Link to video


I can’t see the video?

Yeah I’m going to upload another one. For some reason this video does not want to play when uploading to a website.

I fixed the link for you
Edit: but seems like the video is a recorded picture

Yes it is the video captured through qgroundcontrol. Seems Mp4 recordings have issues. Will do another in mkv

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