Accurate ellipsoidal height

Dear all, does anyone know how to derive accurate ellipsoidal height in WGS1984 datum so that we can get orthometric height by using with geoid file?

Thank you

That’s basically what you get out from the Emlid units unmodified?

Maybe not exactly given that we dont have known
starting point for Base.

Then PPP the base, then you’ll have the data you need.

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Hi @l3technologycambodia,

If you enter the accurate base position in WGS84, you’ll get accurate rover’s coordinates in the same datum. Still, transforming data after the survey looks rather complicated. Let’s check if you can get the required heights right away.

Which vertical datum do you need for your end results? We can consider adding it to ReachView 3 if it’s not supported now.

Here is a page has links to different online PPP processing (free).

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