Accuracy while stake out and taking points

Hello! I have only one unit of emlid reach rtk gps. I want to buy the second one so I want to know how much accuracy it has while stake out points and taking coordinates. How much time does it need to take coordinates which has great accuracy?
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Is this the original Reach, Reach RS+ or RS2?

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As I understand from your email, you have a Reach Module. With it, you can achieve centimeter-level accuracy in RTK mode.

Please note that Reach Module has been replaced by Reach M+. They can be used together in a base and rover setup as they are fully compatible.

With the single-band receivers in RTK, it could take a few minutes to get a fix solution. This time is only required at the beginning of the survey or in case the fix solution was lost. You can find out more about configuring Reach M+ receivers in this guide.

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