Accuracy reach 2+

I’m new here, and to surveying. I am trying a new reach 2+

I have tried 2 different correction services, and the GPS is in an open area, but I only get 10cm accuracy. Any tips?


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As I see on your screenshot, the precision is 0.010 m, which is 1 cm :slight_smile:

I’ll see myself out

If I setup my own base station, and I’m within a 100 m or so, will accuracy increase further? Or is 1cm the general limit

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‘1 cm’* is the best you will get. Using a base/rover combination will not change that.

If you need smaller values (mm), consider the use of a total ($$$) station, but do not skip the entry of the values that account for the correction of curvature and refraction. It should then give you measurements with a 3mm cadastral confidence level (up to a couple of hundred meters).



PS: Please keep in mind that the values displayed are *1 sigma (68.3%). If you need a higher level of confidence (95.5 or 99.7%), you need to multiply by 2 or 3 respectively.

(This basically applies to all GNSS receivers available.)

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Thanks mate,

Sorry, I don’t get the reference to “a total ($$$) station”?

Hi there,

Total Stations are far more expensive than GNSS receivers. That was the point.



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