Accuracy of hot shoe cable

Hello everyone
The accuracy of the hot shoe cable to send the shot moment from the camera to emlid is unknown to me.
I saw in the forum that the mentioned hot shoes do not support shutter speeds faster than 1/250.
Our platform is foxtech and sony a6000 camera.
Of course, the required accuracy is in the range of 2-5 cm.
Dear emlid supporters and other friends, please advise about the proposed ppk solution (m + or m2) and the type of cable.

Hi Reza,

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Reach M+/M2 can record time marks with microsecond resolution relative to the signal on the camera’s hot shoe. If the camera provides the shutter signal this way, it should be possible to integrate it with Reach. You can connect the unit to the camera using our hot shoe adapter.

You can get centimeter-accurate image centers in PPK with both Reach M+ and Reach M2. The difference is that Reach M2 is multi-band, while Reach M+ is single-band. It helps Reach M2 handle RF noise from other electronics better and work at a longer baseline. You can look through a more detailed comparison in our docs.

thanks for your response.
Our UAV is foxtech ayk250 with flight pixhawk.
I want to install an a6000 camera on it.
Mechanical shutter speed up to 1/4000 second.
Does the hot shoe cable support this speed?
I heard I have to output cmos to avoid time latency, right?
Dear, what is your idea?

I think the 1/250s max shutter speed you’re referring to is the max flash sync speed. If you were using a manual flash, any speed faster than 1/250 would cause shutter clipping (dark area in the exposure). Being you’re not using flash, you’re good! And yes, max sync speed for an A6000 is 1/250 (as most cameras are).

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The cable doesn’t dictate your max shutter, the camera does. The signal in the wire is simply electrical and thus travels with lightspeed.
This limit exists because of the nature of flash photography, and because of the mechanical shutter.
Using a flash, you would partially or completely black images above 1/250s exposure time, if this is your only light source.

However, since the flash isn’t your lightsource for drone photography, you won’t be affected by this.
However, many camera-vendors have automated this so that flash-triggering is automatically disabled above the max sync-speed. This is probably what you are seeing.

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I use an A6000 with no issues. At 1/4000, it will still short the shoe pin.


Hi Reza,

Reach should work fine with Sony A6000. As I know, many of our users use them together.

Does the hot shoe cable support this speed?

As Christian said, it’s the camera that the signal depends on. The cable just transmits what it gets from the camera.

Hello and thanks for the reply to all the friends.
Upon review, I found that @SRBell’s answer is correct and 1/250 is actually the maximum shutter speed sync. Something we do not care about in photogrammetry.
If it is possible for you, explain the type of hot cable for the A6000 and how to connect and the flight control that you use.

Hi Reza,

Just wanted to say we have a guide showing how to connect Reach to a camera via a hot shoe adapter. I suppose it can come in handy for you :slightly_smiling_face:

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