Accumulate Base Coordinates Restarts Automatically?

While using my two Reach RS units in the field today, I ran into a new issue with the unit acting as a base.

I had the base set to accumulate coordinates for 15 minutes before launching its position for RTK. While accumulating coordinates, the base restarted the coordinate accumulation time period on multiple occasions without prompting from the app. Sometimes it failed at around 15-20% completion, other times it made it as far as 60-80% completion before restarting. I finally reduced the coordinate accumulation time to 5 minutes and was able to successfully launch a base position.

Has anyone encountered this problem before, or does anyone know what might be causing it? It seems unlikely that the base would have momentarily lost input from all satellites, but I suppose that could do it. The base and rover both appeared to be receiving decently-strong signals from 20-26 satellites at a time.

Thanks for your input!

Is the base accumulating SINGLE, FLOAT OR FIX?

The base was just set to accumulate SINGLE.

I just tested it again when I got back to my office, and the base had no problem accumulating coordinates over 15 minutes, even with sub-optimal skyview. Here’s hoping it was a fluke, but I’d love to know what the underlying issue was in case it happens again.

I guess it must have dropped out of ‘Single’ and into ‘-’ mode (no coordinate). That would be a reason for it to restart the averaging process.

If you were logging the .POS position file for the base, then it would tell the story (along with the raw log).

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Yep I’m guessing the status changed.

I’m running out this morning to work with the Reach units again, but I’ll unpack the .POS file when I get back and see if that was the case. Thanks!

Hi Lauren,

So did you check .POS file?

Hi @dmitriy.ershov,

I had a chance to look at the .POS and other files this morning, but there doesn’t seem to be anything amiss. I disabled one set of satellites (Galileo) before I took the units out again on Friday since I didn’t appear to be receiving input from any of the satellites in that network.

I had trouble obtaining a fix on Friday, but the base was able to calculate its position more or less normally. I believe that my difficulty with maintaining fix status had more to do with local interference (I was working near a marina with many large boats that were equipped with high-powered navigation systems) than the units, themselves.

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