Account Sync in ReachView 3: Link Data to Your Profile

Hi everyone! Recently, we’ve added the new account sync feature in the ReachView 3 app.

Now you can save your projects, coordinate systems, and NTRIP credentials to your profile in ReachView 3 and sync your multiple devices. Just sign in to the app with your Emlid Account, and all surveying data will get automatically backed up. It fully supports offline work.

How to start?
Go to the Profile tab, sign in using your existing Emlid account, or create a new one.

Don’t forget to tell us about your experience :slight_smile:



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Will all jobs done on the account be synced to all available jobs logged into the same account?
Is some “command” needed to sync?

Hi Mauricio,

There’s no special command for that :slight_smile: Once you log into your account, all data will be automatically synced between your devices.


Thank you very much @yaroslava.tensina .

Have a great week!!!

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@mauricioranzan Thanks, and you too! :+1:

P.S. Just in case, @Brent_W recently showed how he used this feature in this thread.


Hi @yaroslava.tensina
Perhaps I have missed an obvious instruction somewhere in your docs…

I am having trouble creating an account and having it consume, or ingest, all the existing projects on my mobile device.

Is this possible? How do I start the process of unifying all the projects I have, spread across my field devices, into one account? Is there a simple process, or do I need to export them all, and reimport them into new projects under my Emlid profile?

I hope others are also interested in the answer to this!

Thankyou, Al.

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Hi Al,

The current behavior should be like this: when you login on your phone, all existing phone projects will sync to your account automatically. That means that if you log out, the projects will not be available, they are synced projects now.

So, if you have phone projects, they’ll be added automatically when logging into an account. If they’re account projects from a different account, you’ll have to reimport.

Please let me know if that answers your question.


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