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So i noticed that when i create new jobs it will default to my previous coordinate system and vertical datum which is great. BUT, it does not save my Linear units. I missed this on one of my jobs today and this defaulted to Meters. is there anyway to possible set this as a default so i dont have something like this happed again. I dont like having to convert this on the back end and it seems to me like it could be an easy fix/check box for customers.

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Hi James,

Can you specify whether you have created a new project in the Emlid Flow app or in Emlid Flow 360? If you create a New Project in the app, it will remember your settings and automatically set the same options when you create another project.

Also wanted to mention that you can still use your project. It’s possible to change the projection from meters to feet in the completed survey in Emlid Flow:

  1. Create a new project with the projection in feet.

  2. Export your current project meters in CSV format from Emlid Flow.

  3. Manually remove the data from the columns Easting, Northing, Elevation, Base Easting, Base Northing, and Base Elevation. You can do that in Google Sheets or any text editor.

  4. Upload the CSV file to the new project. Emlid Flow will automatically recalculate the data.

So I am creating jobs in the app. It saves all settings but the linear units. My app always defaults back to meters. It’s not like I ever use meters I ALWAYS use feet so for me this setting is not saving.

I will have to try to reconfigure by reloading the csv. But it would be nice for you to just be able to change the setting for the job and it would recalculate without the need for this work around of exporting and deleting some columns and then reimporting is all I’m saying. I have other work arounds as well but my post was more of a recommendation for Emlid to be able to change some of the settings or functionality of the app.


Are you using local projections or Global CS? In the Emlid Flow application, if Global CS is used, the linear units default back to meters. If you use Global CS, would you mind telling us why? Unlike projected CS, this option is mostly used for getting started with the application and some quick tests. You can still get geographic coordinates in a local CS project.

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