Accessing RS2 Rover's telemetry remotely

We are considering a numberof RS2 as rovers permanently fixed to a large structure. Another RS2 would act as a Base for RTK corrections over LoRA.

How can the telemetry data from the Rovers be accessed remotetly?

Can this be done by Cellular connection ? and or Wifi.?



I don’t think that it can be done directly, but just an idea, can you do it by installing TeamViewer on a PC or a tablet that can be accessed remotely of course that PC should be connected to the internet, I think also that an Android version of a Teamviewer exist.

I was hopping for something a bit more robust :slight_smile:

Also, follow up question can multiple Rovers share the LoRa Connection for corrections from the BaseStation.

From the Docs it appears that although RS2 uses LoRa it is used in a point to point basis.

Can anyone confirm?

One Base can work with multiple rovers if they are set to the same settings , I have done it many times


Position output menu allows for Bluetooth, Serial, and TCP connections over Wifi. The output is corrected location data. If you want raw GPS logs, you’ll need to access the log files which are not streaming. They can be accessed over WiFi and SSH.

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Let me conclude this topic.

As our users have pointed out already, at the moment, it’s not possible to see the raw data from the rover in real-time. You can, however, organize a position output from the rover via Bluetooth, Serial or TCP. You can find more information on this in the Position Output guide.

You can set up multiple rovers to receive corrections from one base. However, for now, it’s not possible to work with several bases for one rover.

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