Accessing Reach RS+ IMU and GNSS data to Ubuntu 18.04


I’ve just bought two EMLID Reach RS+ recently. One of my reason for choosing EMLID is its IMU availability. But, I’m having trouble accessing the IMU and GNSS data into my computer. I want to ask something:

Are we able to access IMU and GNSS at different sampling rates from USB ? Do I need to buy an additional cable?

In addition, I use Ubuntu 18.04. The desired sampling rates are 100 Hz and 5 Hz for IMU and GNSS respectively. Any information will be helpful to me :).

Thank You.

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Hi @adamsyah,

At the moment, the IMU data output isn’t implemented in the software, and it’s not possible to access the IMU data. However, we’re looking into the possibility to provide IMU access now. I’ll update you once we have any news on this question.

Still, you can output position data from Reach RS+ to a 3rd-party device/software via USB with a 1 Hz, 5 Hz, 10 Hz, or 14 Hz update rate. You can configure an update rate in the RTK Settings tab, and enable outputting the coordinates in the Position output tab.

Okay Thank you for your response. I’m looking forward to use IMU for my project. Could you give me an estimation, when the IMU data can be used ? Thank you

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Hi Fadillah,

I’m afraid I can’t provide you with any timelines for now.

Hi Fadillah,

We released the new stable v2.22.0 firmware update where you can access IMU data manually. Please note that IMU support is still not implemented in the software.

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