Acceptable CPU load by accompanying applications

Apologies if this question has been asked before but I could not find it.

What are you recommendations regarding acceptable CPU load imposed by other applications running on the Raspberry 2.

I have implemented gst-launch1.0 with H264 encoding and it registers about 160% peaking to 180% occasionally.

Answers by the devs would be much appreciated.


You can test if ardupilot runs fine with such load by checking pm.maxT parameter and pm.lonloop in the logs. They show if there were any missed target execution times.

Thanks Igor. I feel a little stupid asking this, but where do I find these logs?

Also a second question. I followed a separate thread about device failures (I think the compass if I remember right) which were as a result of overclocking. Is overclocking still not recommended and/or can I monitor the impact by inpsecting the same parameters in the log file you mention?

maybe I should elaborate, what I mean is that there is nothing in the /var/APM/logs/ directory …

You need to set parameter to enable logging when your drone is disarmed. Look for log bitmask param.

I don’t find that option in APM Planner 2.

Is this a limitation of the GCS software or is it missing from the firmware?

You should search through Full Parameter list in GCS of choice and look for LOGGING_BITMASK. After it’s found you’re welcome to follow the instructions alongside and enable Disarmed logging.

Thanks. I don’t know why I couldn’t see it previously but in any event …
It is a separate parameter LOG_DISARMED.
I now have it set.