Acceleromter data

So I been running a lot of tests (mostly just recording and using data from the quad) Just want to check that I’m right that the accelerometer has a bias and possible a scale factor on each axis. I’ve seen what is obviously linear offsets of the accelerometer based on attitude when I integrate it. But not managed to eliminate them yet.

or should I just use a high pass filter and its not possible to get ideal data from the accelerometer?

btw my quad code is here: but the code I’m testing the data with is significantly different.

Yes, accelerometer have bias and scale factor on each axis, you will have to perform calibration to compensate them and for best performance estimate bias/gain drift in real-time.

Thank you, that makes sense. I thought there might also be a realtime component I guess that’s based on other sensors too like barometer/gps. Although a secondary IMU might also help reduce the issues :smile:
Updated my web page to explain the problem in a little more detail (it is post processed to get best case bias’s as far as the alogithm I’ve used is concerned) quad

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