Accelero calibration stuck, using mission planner

Hi fellas. I am trying to calibrate the compass on my Navio2 with Raspi3b because my accelero keeps on displaying “error post vert variance” which shows bad and laggish positions of my copter. HOWEVER, if i try my accel calibration through Mission Planner, it always responds too slow and always displays error calibration in the end. I’ve tried connecting the Navio with UDP and Telemetry with the same results with both of them. Please help us, is it compass related issue or is it the software. are we supposed to rely on the Putty?

Therefore, WHAT are the things we CAN or CANNOT do with THE MISSIONPLANNER connected to Navio?Thank you for your Time and May god Be With You :slight_smile:

hi @I_Made_Devantara

first of all distinguish:
compass: it’s a magnetometer - it shows the earth’s magnetic field
accelerometer: its like a spirit level: it shows if navio is level or tiltet

when you calibrate your accelerometer its easier to calibrate navio without the coper, but not a must:
make sure your copter does not wobble at all when you accept each point in MissionPlanner; make sure you are on a leveled surface (sometimes it helps to use a desktop edge for certain positions to keep it steady)

calibrating compass: make sure you are far away from magnetic interferences; alle power lines, where current flows, affect that sensor; not only in your house/flat, also on your copter; but your error message is not related to the compass! (–> accelerometer calibration is necessary)

regarding putty:
as soon as you have added the ArduCopter commands to rc.local there is no need to ssh into rpi to fly; arducopter will start on boot and you can connect to MissionPlanner;

CAN or CANNOT: all the settings in Missionplanner are available for your pleasure!

@I_Made_Devantara I have had exactly the same problem using mission planner (latest), except it wouldn’t proceed to the second step in accelerometer calibration at all. My fix was to use APM2 for that purpose, because it has no problem with the calibration routine at all. After calibration I switched back to Mission Planner, since it has more features in my opinion. Every other calibration works fine in mission planner by the way. This is definitely not related to Navio2/UDP because with a PixRacer (USB connection) it was the same story.