About M+ antenna place on mavic2 pro

I want to place reach m+ on the mavic 2 pro to carry out ppk task .I design a device likes these pictures,and i wanna know whether the device interfere gnss singal or interfere UAV gps singal .
Anyone who can give me some advice or other solutions?

That may interfere with the drone’s GPS system, but it should tell you immediately.


The drone can still receive gps singals,but it seemed bad .
Can i take off the ground plane?

The ground plane could be slightly smaller. The minimum size is 70mm/side if I recall correctly. Then you might be able to separate the antenna from the package and move it either forward or back, as long as there is enough sseparation between the propeller blades. Also try to move it as low as possible.

I would personally separate the different parts so it’s less bulky. Having your ground plate at the top of a huge tower doesn’t help.

To try and make your ground plane clear the props, you could rotate it 45° so the corners are less in the way.

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If it goes green in DJI Go then it should have the minimum requirements met, but I would get in an open area moving quickly in all directions and pay attention if it drops back to Opti mode.

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