About hardware configuration to obtain accurate shooting information from the ground

thank you good infomation
I am a complete beginner
I have a question
What I need is:

  1. I have a digital camera sony a6000
    I would like to take a picture ( building image)
    I need accurate gps codinate for composite

  2. Take pictures from the ground

  3. I hope that the following information is stored in the exif of the photo.

      a. exact coordinates using rtk
      b. accurate   Camera's yaw , pitch , roll , and image direction values

How do I configure my hardware and what software do I need to do this?

Hi @anycganycg,

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Can you please describe your current hardware setup in more detail? What do you want to achieve with it? It’ll help me to share the necessary info with you.

Thank you for kind reply
I edited my need~~

Hi @anycganycg,

Thanks for your patience!

We have Reach M2 and Reach M+ receivers to obtain precise image center coordinates. It’s mainly used for aerial mapping on drones. Let me explain how it usually works for mapping so that you better understand the workflow:

Do I get right that you wanted to take the pictures manually, not on the drone?

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