About ESCs and Power supplies

Hi, I am confused about the picture which shows connection between ESCs and Power supplies.

And here is a question…

Q. According to this scheme, the re and black wires on all four ESC’s connect to the Power Module. But the power module only has two plug ins. How can four wires be inserted into each plug in on the power module?

Thank you very much.

You cant. You will have to buy or build a power distribution of some sort to connect all ESCs to the power module.


It seems like my project partner understands, but I do not.
Can you explain to me more detail?

It is just a way to go from 1 cable pair in to 4, 6 or 8 cable pairs out. You can make it as simple as solder the cables together or buy a power distribution PCB. They also come in different types. From very simple with just traces and solder pads, to more complex with voltage regulators for different applications. Here is a picture of one:

One thing I forgot: There are 4in1 ESCs which have the power distribution built in.


Thank you

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