Ability to not add .134 to Antenna Height in Reachview3

Can you please fix ReachView3 where we have the option to add (or not add) the .134 to the Antenna Height? If we use 3rd party software then the select the NGS RS2 antenna model, it will include the L1 and L2 offsets. So therefore the .134 can not be included. We could subtract .134 to accomplish this, but we should be able to enter the height of the pole without the .134 being added.

So when the RS2 Antenna is being used across multiple software (ie EZsurv, TopoDrone for flight processing, etc), then the user will need to make sure each one has the correct antenna height. But the bottom line is that Reachview3 should have a “checkbox” that allows the user to add or not add the .134

Also, in Emlid Studio, it would then need the option to “add the offset”. If you are going to get technical, there is the L1 and L2 offsets for the RS2.

It seems it would be better to have your Antenna height specified in Reachview3 to ARP (bottom of antenna), and then have the OFFETS calculated in Emlid Studio during processing by selecting the Antenna model RS/RS+ or RS2.



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Hi Tim,

but we should be able to enter the height of the pole without the .134 being added.

Do you mean while logs recording? If so, only the antenna name is added to the RINEX header. ReachView 3 doesn’t add 0.134m to a pole height.

Emlid Studio can read this antenna name (and any other antenna names from the NGS database) and apply the offset automatically.

Perhaps, I’m missing something?

Hi Svetlana,
I use EZsurv, so when the CSV file is created that I import into EZsurv to process, the antenna height has the “0.134” offset. When using ezsurv, you can select the EML RS2 (NGS database) and that will enter the L1 and L2 offsets which are different. I ether have to select NONE and use the .134 added in the CSV file or have made an adjustment in the field.

When the Rinex file is created for OPUS, it does not add the 0.134 becaise OPUS is adding the L1/L2 offsets from the antenna database as well. So the same principle applies to the UBX file

The solution would be to simply give users the option to add it or not add 0.134 to the pole height of the Survey CSV file created in Reachview 3. Hope that explains it.

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Hi Tim,

Thanks for explaining your workflow! See your point. I’ve passed the request to the team.

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