Ability in the app where datum data sets are uploaded to the system

When Emlid released the Reach View 3 app I experimented with the settings for using different coordinate systems. Somewhere in the app I was able to download some kind of data set for the EGM96 datum. I was prompted to upload this data to either my smart device or to the M2 somehow and I remember it took quite a while. My question is; Is there some kind of ability in the app where datum data sets are uploaded to the system somehow? And also; Is it possible that because I loaded this set to my system, that maybe the processing power or memory are now compromised and perhaps I can wipe the units and start fresh without having this extra information on the system? Thank you.

Hi Juel,

All data about coordinate systems, projects, and points is stored on your personal device so that the ReachView 3 app could easily access this data. However, coordinate systems are not downloaded by default to not fill your device’s storage.

Therefore, the data you download doesn’t store in the Reach M2, so it can’t compromise the processing power or memory of the unit.

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