A2300 Mapping Camera Assembly FOR SALE (CHDK KAP, Camera Trigger, External Power Mod, Dust protector)

Thought I would post this over here as well. Let me know if there are any questions :slight_smile:


Up for sale is a A2300 cannon 16mp camera with several modifications for uav mapping applications.

*External power: included is a variable voltage step down converter set to the exact voltage required by the a2300 and a modified dc coupler. With the two you can power this camera from any 12v (3s) power source.

*Camera trigger: Included is a camera trigger assembly which when connect to a pixhawk or navio can trigger the camera in conjunction with KAP/UAV CHDK script. (the trigger assembly in the picture is mine. I will make a brand new one for the buyer

*Dust / UV protector lens: The camera has a UV filter fixed to the lens housing which when retracted covers both the lens and the “zoom rings”. This insures no dust or debris will get in the camera at takeoff or landing. The lens housing was removed and reinforced with epoxy where it connects to the camera, this will insure the protective lens does not come off during flight.

*Camera lens mod: The small retracting lens covers that normally cover the lens have been removed. This decreases vibration effects on the lens. These little covers are not needed with the uv/dust protector installed.

CHDK: CHDK has been loaded and configured on this camera. All the camera settings have been optimized for use with the KAP/UAV script. The script has also been configured and tested.

SD card: The provided SD card is a SanDisk class 10 and has a fast w/r speed. excellent for mapping applications.

All the provided equipment and functions are demonstrated in the video and pictures below. The test pictures where taken on a small hexa with a 2 axis gimbal. The hexa has high vibrations, so you can see the camera performs well in less than perfect conditions.

I am selling this as a kit. Not parting it out.

I will only ship within the USA. The shipment will be insured

Price is firm

The stock battery and charger are also included. Its advised to keep the stock battery in the camera during non operation to maintain the internal clock so you don’t have to reset the time when you go mapping.

Cannon A2300 w/ CHDK & dust lens $100
External power assembly $35
Camera trigger $35
SD card $10
Stock battery $0
Stock charger $0
Shipping & insurance $15
Total: $195