A smooth beginners guide

Hallo everyone!
I’m just getting into drones and UAV and I’m hoping to find this to be an interesting & challenging new hobby of mine.
I did fly drones before, but that was only off the shelf stuff, now I realize I am getting more and more into it and as a started project I thought of building something like
Bernt Christian Egel did with his Navio+ and the 4G setup.

At the moment I am still reading a lot of what is what and what the essentials are, and I’m hoping someone in this forum can push me into the right direction in regards of
Hardware I’d need to get. I think the easiest would be if I name what I’ve acquired so far and what I plan on getting.

Acquired Hardware:

raspberry pi 2B (8GB SDCard)

Navio+ (NAV103)
Power Module v1.0 (PWR102)
GPS/GNSS antenna MCX (ANT102)
WirePack (WRP101)

Logitech Gamepad F710

Hardware to acquire:

Airframe Skua FPV (or similar with camera window)
Logitech C920 webcam
4G USB Cellular adapter

Hardware I’m unsure about:

and what else I would need.

If someone could be so kind and give me a few good options for the Hardware I still need to buy in order to rebuild (yes COPY, brutally honest, COPY) :slight_smile: the project from Bernt Christian Egel (thanks Bernt for such an awesome Pioneers work!)

Thank you everyone

to be honest, you should stick to the recommendations from hobbyking; calculating batterie motor prop configurations takes some sime and you cannot really ask other people to do it for you (at least not properly - since it takes a lot of considerations and time); you can have a look at “ecalc.ch”;

for remote control it is totally possible to use a 4g adapter (i recommend huawei e3372s-153 adapter because of easy setup) but i totally recommend a seperate rc controller to get started…; (you would need a cppm capeable receiver in that case because you have a navio+, a navio2 can handle sbus)
usually - when you buy a good motor - you get recommendations for props and battery; estimate about 150watts per kilo for an airplane for normal flight…; everythings depending on your weight and flight duration…

for your motor you should buy an ESC which is cabeable to handle the Amps of the 4 servos you need for your plane plus 20% and if you want redundancy for the Navio/pi add 2Amps! ( if you buy an opto esc - then you need a ubec with the same ability of course)

but i don’t know Bernt Christian Egel’s project!

If you are unsure about what to buy, you could start with a dji f450 flame wheel.
After you got that successfully working and now how it works you could build your own drone.
Have a look at http://ecalc.ch/xcoptercalc.php?ecalc&lang=en to try different components.