A power switch for Reach M2 integrated into a waterproof enclosure

I’ve made a prototype with a non-waterproof case here

I’m looking to create a waterproof enclosure (with a clear lid) for my reach M2 and the usb power pack, something like this. I would like for the waterproof part not to need opening on a regular basis. So, I am thinking the enclosure will have a water proof usb port (for charging the powerbank) like this.

Then I also need a switch, that will cut the power from the power bank to the reach device. I think I could have a cable with switch like this inside, and wire that to a switch externally like this. I am assuming it is only one wire I need to connect/disconnect for power. Happy to take advice on this, or hear of neater solutions, noting my soldering is not amazing.

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I’ve been putting together something extremely similar to this over the last few weeks and ran into a frustrating problem with my M2 - leading to an RMA with a new M2 on the way.

I found that my M2 would not turn on consistently after turning it off by simply removing the power. If I used the ‘Shutdown’ button in the app then the unit would turn back on normally but pulling the power caused it to not boot for many, many (dozens of) attempts. Eventually it just stopped turning back on.

As I mentioned to Emlid support, there is no indication in the documentation that suggests not powering down by removing power and that many users would use the device in this way.

I believe that my case is likely due to a faulty unit but it is something to keep in mind if you’re planning on turning the power off like you have described.

I still plan on doing something similar as its impractical to switch off the module via the app in instances where users have their M2 integrated with other hardware in custom solutions that do not require them to otherwise use the app.

As for the hardware, I used one of these waterproof bulkhead fittings. They’re more compact on the inside of your enclosure if you’re just running +5V and GND to your batteries/charger/power-bank etc. like I am (and assume you are).

I’d recommend Digikey 100%. The free shipping for orders of US$50 is insanely fast. I’m in eastern Aus and it took only 3 days to get from the US to Aus.


I did this with a Pelican case.

If you look at my base picture, there is a power switch on the right hand side that turns on/off the unit.


I’m hoping to do the minimum soldering. I want it robust in the field, but will have units in different places, so if individual cables, devices etc. can be replaced in the field, that would be ideal. Thus any off the shelf items I can plug and tape are the best options for now.

Noting your project is extremely similar, I’m happy to swap notes on projects - you can get me by adding @gmail.com to markbneal.

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I sent an email. Anything I did on my project, I would be happy to share on this forum as well.

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