A little question about heigth of reach rs+

I am testing with a reach rs + receiver as a rover.
All observations are taken when I am connected to a reference station using NTRIP in RTK mode , the longitude and latitude coordinates are ok but the ellipsoidal height give me reach rs+ is wrong,
I have been collecting data from several knowning geodesic points and they all give me an error in the heigth (only heigth because longitude and latitude is correct)
I’ve seen the forum but I have not found any answer to my problem. I would be grateful if is someone could give me the appropriate indications for the reach rs + me give the correct ellipsoidal height.


La altura erronea de los puntos que mencionas es la que obtienes al crear un nuevo proyecto en la pestaña “survey”?.

Cuál es la diferencia en medida?.