A few questions before buying a Navio+

I was considering getting a Navio and had a few questions first
To power it are 2 BEC’s required? And is the Power module required or is that only to monitor battery voltage and such?
I have a model A but was planning on getting a raspi 2 for this is the RTOS for the 2 finalized? I saw a thread asking about one a while ago but I’m still reading through the posts.


There is no need to use two BECs with Navio+. All you need to power the Navio is the power module - it provides power to the board as well as measurements for voltage and current.

BEC can be used to provide power to the servos and rc receiver on the servo rail.
Navio+ can also be powered by a BEC on the servo rail in case there is no power from a power module.

Distro with real-time Linux kernel for Raspberry Pi 2 is ready and has been successfully tested in a few flights.

So if my motors are powered by the power distribution board there’s no need to power the output pins separately?
And does the power module use XT90 connectors? a bit of a long shot but I don’t guess there’s a way to get one without connectors cause I use EC3s

I am not sure if I understood your first question.

Power module uses XT60, unfortunately this is the only option at the moment.

I was reading in the set up guide that the RC output doesn’t power servos but I don’t have any for my hex-copter so is there a need to power the RC output pins separately? One last related question- so there are separate 5VRPI and BEC power inputs? is the 5VRPI just a redundancy?
And that’s what I meant I think the XT90 is just the larger version of the XT60, Ill just have to change them out to fit my battery’s EC3 connectors

You’re reading the wrong setup guide - the board with 5VRPI and BEC inputs is the original version called Navio. Current version is Navio+ and it’s documentation is here:

Ah I see that part is after the Navio+ setup whoops. Just the power module and if I need servoes the BEC for the servo rail? Ok
I’m going to use a Spektrum reciever so what do I need to covert it to PPW? From what I’m reading it doesn’t have a direct PPW output
edit- something like this would work I guess for PWM to PPM https://store.3drobotics.com/products/ppm-encoder

Yes, you are right a PPM encoder will do the job.

One last question about the axillary GPS antenna, is it usually recommended to get one? the central part of my 550 frame has metal so I’d think so. And that’s a uFL connector right? if so I might be able to use the antenna for another project of mine

Navio+ uses MCX antenna connector, there is no antenna on board so you will have to use external one.

Ok, thanks for the help with my questions, ordering one now. Have some pretty cool projects in mind for it.