A Complete Guide to PPK Mapping with Reach

We are excited to announce a complete guide for PPK mapping with Reach. Three parts of the guide cover the PPK mapping workflow from A to Z.

Start with the detailed workflow for setting up the Reach UAV kit for PPK mapping and placing ground control points.

The next step is to geotag photos in GeoSetter when you have a set of aerial images and raw logs from the base and rover.

Finally, check out the manual on using Pix4Dmapper to create a map from a set of geotagged images.

Thanks to Pix4D for helping us make the complete guide with the Pix4Dmapper manual. Pix4Dmapper is photogrammetry software to create digital maps or models and take measurements based on them. It supports different coordinate systems, configures output units, allows working with GCPs, and more.