A Blog Post about the Utility of EMLID equipment for archaeological survey

Hello EMLID community,

We are writing to share a blog post about how transformative the existence of EMLID equipment is for archaeological projects with limited budgets, based on some experiences of trying to wrangle accurate spatial data in the context of about 16 years of fieldwork in Greece. Hope this is of interest to some!

Sincerely – the BEARS project


Thanks for sharing your experience in Greece! I’m wondering if you have had any experience using HEPOS (https://www.hepos.gr/) for NTRIP real-time corrections on your surveys with EMLID equipment? Up until now this is the best option in Greece (at a cost of a few hundred euros per year, with also PPK and PPP corrections if needed), as they have the most coverage of base stations across the country. With the beta release of ReachView it is now possible to use EMLID GNSS receivers - like the RS2 - for gathering the data from HEPOS in Greek Grid (it cannot be done in WGS84). In my experience, we use HEPOS for extracting the coordinates of the base station, and then carry on with geophysical surveys (or pedestrian) using a RTK rover.

Yes, we used the HEPOS system at the end of this summer with the Emlid (after I wrote that post), and it was quite effective. I don’t think we found the Greed Grid option – thanks for the info! Yeah, we use the same system, HEPOS for setting up the base and then using a base-rover setup afterwards.

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