A Big Bo Bo - Any Solution


A friend of mine was helping me test the NAVIO Raspi combination this weekend and accidently connected the 12 v supply directly to the Navio board vs using an inline BEC. The light on the board came on for a second and then went out

The board will not power on now and I am afraid he may have fried it. Is there anyway for me to run some tests and/or repair the board

Really appreciate any guidance



To which input did he connect the 12V? Is there any visual damage, like some chip burnt?

No Visual damage. I believe he connected it to the RPI one

I mean RPI and sensors pins (first one)

You have most likely burnt the LDO and also probably the PCA9685 PWM generator. Is Raspberry Pi ok?
Do you have a multimeter? If so please check voltage on via marked 3.3V.

Raspi boots up and then overheats dies so it is hosed as well in a couple of minutes

I will be back at home tomorrow and will test with a multimeter