9DOF IMU Accuracy

What is the accuracy of the IMU sensors mounted on the navio2? (MPU9250 and LSM9DS1)

AdaFruit has a good breakdown of IMU specs, including the MPU-9250 and the LSM9DS1, here: https://learn.adafruit.com/comparing-gyroscope-datasheets

You can also review the full datasheets for each:

Thank you for the AdaFruit refernce, i was missing that. Is there a way to improve the accuracy combining the two sensors?

If you have two noisy things added together I think you’re just as likely to have their noise cancel out as you are for it to add together. You might get a better average, but you’d also increase the magnitude of outliers. That’s really stretching beyond my mathematics proficiency.

Ideally you’d only need the IMU to be accurate for dead reckoning small changes over short time periods, and then you can use a GPS fix and a Kalmann filter to correct any errors.

A Kalmann filter should be a good solution but i’m not really expert on that. Any advice on where to start?
Ideally I would like to know in advance what’s the accuracy improvement by applying the Kalmann filter.

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