9005 error - noisy data

I’m not quiet sure, but for several sessions, I get 9005 errors in sending my rinex file to OPUS.
I’m logging in a 2.10 format and typically using 1s frequency. Any thoughts on this? I am running 28.1 and not 28.2 firmware and I have several sessions that will not process at all.

Hi William,

Welcome to our Forum! Please share a raw data log for analysis to support@emlid.com.

You can also check our guide with some helpful tips about logging for OPUS in the docs. You may have missed something important.

Please let me know when you share the data :slight_smile:

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Hi Everyone! I’m back with an update on this case.

OPUS positioning tool has strict requirements for the submitted files. One of such requirements is to have only GPS observations in RINEX 2 logs.

OPUS refused to work with William’s RINEX 2 logs because of the GLONASS presence. After excluding GLONASS, logs are processed successfully.

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