90.4% fix

After a PPK in the “E. studio” software, I obtained 90.4% FIX, is it an acceptable percentage to work with?

I ran the files on the 1.1 version.

Here you will find the raw data I obtained

I simultaneously ran my RS+'s for around an hour. Is that a fair amount of time for a distance of 20 km? Should I have run them a little longer? I had clear skies at that time.

Sorry to bother you all with my newbie questions. Any advice on my workflow will be very appreciated. Thank you for your time.

Hi Sergio,

If you’d like to get one accurate point in Static, 90.4% Fix and the 1-hour collection time should work well. You can process the data in Emlid Studio Static processing mode: it’ll give you the best Fix solution by default.

I’ve checked your log, and the data quality looks good. You can try to play with the settings a bit to get even more Fix solutions. For instance, select the GNSS used in calculations and change the Elevation and SNR masks. The masks help exclude the noisy satellite data that can affect the solution in the wrong way.

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If it is a point you’ll be returning to, then 1 hour at 20 km with a single frequency receiver is too little in my opinion.
4 hours is more like it, but preferably 8 or more hours.