6S power module compatibility

Hi there,
I’m planning to buy a 6s 10000MAH LiPo battery for my DYS D800 X4 quad and the question is how to use it with the Navio2? Where can I get a 6S power module that is compatible? And what about with the voltage, will the 22.2V be okay for Navio2?

The module that comes for the Navio looks similar if not the same as APM. I’ve found this vendor that says his can support up to 30v. Might be worth checking out.


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Thanks for the quick answer!
What if I want to use 2 batteries (for a possibly X8 upgrade), how to connect them?

You would either build a parallel adapter for 2x the amount of amperage or a series adapter for 2x the amount of voltage. The adapter will connect the 2 batteries together prior to connection of the module. You can look up parallel adapter for lipo or series adapter for lipo and you get the idea.

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