6mm difference between fix coordinate and measuring instrument

Awesome, I got 6mm difference between fix coordinate and measuring instrument.
Got fix about 1 minute after float…
But, how to adjust time according my place in log??

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Congratulations on great results! Could you please elaborate more about adjusting time?

For example, my observation time is 17.00, the log data in reachview application show me 10.00. How to adjust log time according to my location time.

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The logs are in GPS time to ensure compatibility. There is currently no setting to adjust for the time zone.

Is there no any problem when I use cors base station at my place with a different time zone from an existing file in the log for post processing?

No there is no problem as all observations are recorded in GPS time. We will consider adding adjustment to the file names according to the time zone.

i hope this is added for next ReachView App update.
Thank you Ivereninov

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Dicky Erkasenda. A