5.1v 3 amp Navio2

Is the Navio 3 and RPI 3 plus able to handle 3 amp input?

Current does not get pushed from the power source into the load, a load will draw as much current as it needs. So the current rating of the power source must be equal or better higher, than what the load will draw at maximum. A power source of 3A is recommended for a Raspberry Pi 3/3B+.

BRILLIANT thank you for the answer :slight_smile:

Dont make serial connections with passthrough of current. This will damage the electronics.

Just in case you want to do so.

No i want to use a UBEC ith 5.1 volt 3 amp on the rails as back up power

Will work perfectly fine.
Always measure actual voltage before connecting for first time, to ensure its BEC 5V.
I recently connected 12v by mistake.

Also please remember that Navio servo rail should not be used for higher currents than 3-4A

Yes i will remember. I keep on breaking my Power module wires and Emlid do not sell replacement wires. I really wish the have better connecters

AED 4.41 | 10PCS 1.25mm pitch pigtail male and female cable wire connector plug for drone quadcotper flight controller APM2.6 Pixhawk GPS

It suits (male 6 wires), but you need to solder together 2 wires

This white color suits; grey color does not suit.

Thank you Anton

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