4G telemetry problems

Hello everyone.
We are team from Tallinn, Estonia and we are building long range UAV based on Hobbyking GoDiscover and Navio+
We have managed to get UAVcast script to work, however there’s a major problem with our internet provider. We would like to use 4G usb modem on both side, aircraft and ground station, but for that you need open ports at one side. That of course is quite expensive, and we are currently investigating alternatives.

  1. Hamachi VPN
  2. MavProxy running on Raspberry Pi, connected to fixed ip home internet router.
  3. OpenVPN running on Raspberry @ home
  4. Some sort of udp proxy running on Raspberry @ home
  5. Paying 45€/month to ISP for fixed ip and open ports…



I would run an instance of OpenVPN server somewhere on fibre optic internet and static IP. That is really easy, particularly, in my case.