4g LTE Verizon usb620L problems

I purhased 2 Verizon 620L usb modems. I have used modeswitch and have enabled it to modem mode and have been able to get it recognized and booted up upon start-up however I have no clue how to get this guy rolling so that I may use SSH or Setup to get it to put out udp/tcp for mission planner… Everything I’ve read points to having to purchase a $500 static IP and then you will be allowed to setup port forwarding. Does anyone have experience with this? Have any work arounds for it? ANYTHING? LOL

Thanks guys

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I am not there yet, but i know you dont have to buy a static ip. You could rent og try it for free dyndns.org
It manage your changing ip and forwards it to a static.

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Or what about something like Logmein Hamachi? Something like this seems like it’d be able to deal with dynamic IP addresses: https://www.raspberrypi.org/forums/viewtopic.php?t=5207&f=

Thanks guys, I’ll check these options out today. I appreciate your feedback!

The problem I would run into I think is that the little usb modem doesnt allow me to port forward without the static IP so how can I send the data such as mission planner back to my ground station and vice versa?