4g lte gsm at&t? long range fpv quadcopter

So I’ve been learning and learning about all this and I’m still wanting to build a long range quadcopter

but now i’m starting to have my doubts if its possible in the USA?

i have at&t and I’m not sure which modem to use and if it will work without being able to open a port or have static ip?

has anyone done this in the USA?

I would like a detailed setup how to get it working with 4g on drone

I have a fast home connection but I would like to use 4g from my laptop to use it

please let me know i’ve researched all i can and i can’t find any answers

I’m still undecided which frame to buy and if I should use the 920 logitech camera and how I can make it tilt with a servo etc

please guys help me make this happen