450 mhz radio options

Has anyone got a solution to connect to a 450 mhz radio

Are you asking about how to connect to a certain radio or about what radios are available?

With what product do you want to use 450 mhz radio?

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Reach RS i think is the unit i was look at purchasing.

I have a trimble base with tdl radio , rtcm 3 at 465.81875mhz the rover has 900mhz radio how can i modify rover to receive the 450-470 band width signal please.

Reach RS+ has RS232 communication capability via the optional cable which plugs into the connector in the base of the unit.

You would just need a second radio for receiving. On that is compatible with the one you already have. If it has an RS232 output, then you just need the Reach RS optional cable (probably a CBL103) to connect the two.

I have been told i would have to purchase the reach rs with 450-470mhz radio module, is this an available option.

There’s no option with 450mhz radio, however, you can connect an external one as @bide mentioned.

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